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We offer solutions

C+L Industrietechnik based in Nuremburg, Germany is a competent and experienced industry partner and has worked with numerous companies in various sectors for many years. With our modern products and user-oriented solutions, we cover virtually all major industrial sectors.

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We have partner companies in key industries, including the automobile industry, mechanical engineering, and the electrical and household appliances industries. The chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, mining and shipbuilding, the construction industry, and companies in the fields of medical technology, metrology, air conditioning and hydraulics are also among our customers. That is just a small selection of the sectors in which C+L Industrietechnik is involved. We are at home wherever injection-moulded plastic, moulded parts make of rubber or plastic, hose engineering and modern profiles are needed.

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International operations

C+L Industrietechnik not only operates across industries but also internationally in numerous countries. We have satisfied hundreds of customers over the past years. Here is an overview of the key industries in which our partner companies operate.

· Automobile industry, examples: push-on contacts for headrests, cable feedthroughs
· Mechanical engineering, example: sound suppressors
· Electrical engineering
· Household appliances
· Chemical industry
· Pharmaceutics
· Mining
· Shipbuilding, example: rubber-metal buffers
· Construction industry
· Medical technology, examples: vibration protection, clips
· Metrology, example: buttons
· Air conditioning technology
· Hydraulics

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Individual requirements

Every company manufactures different products and uses different machines and tools. Thus every operation places different, individual demands on its suppliers. Thanks to our many years of experience across industries, our employees adapt perfectly to these requirements and create customer-specific solutions for each company. We work closely with our partners to determine which products and solutions are appropriate. Due to ongoing developments, all industrial enterprises are changing continuously today and always have to face new challenges. This is essential to remain competitive in the market. Naturally the same applies to our company as well. That is why we continually adapt our products and services to the conditions and requirements, so we can provide the best possible, up to date support for our partners.

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