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cl industrietechnik Stanzteile Gummi Kunststoff

In pressing technology we are an established partner of industry. Alongside all currently used rubber and plastic qualities foamed materials are also processed. There is a wide range of areas of application and they include rattle and vibration protection as well as stamped parts for sealing, damping or upholstery. 

cl industrietechnik Stanzteile polyurethan zellpolyethylen Applications:
· Rattle suppression
· Vibration protection
· Sealing
· Damping
· Upholstery
· Distance spacer
· Cover
· Insulation

cl industrietechnik Stanzteile Butyl HDPE NRcl industrietechnik Stanzteile EPDM CR Silikon


· CR
· Silicone
· Butyl

  · Cellular polyethylene
· Cellular rubber
· Polyurethane
· Foam rubber
· and much more


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