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C+L Industrietechnik carries an extensive programme of rubber hoses in tested quality. Their first class material properties make the rubber hoses especially highly regarded and they meet all national and international standards. The range of use is extremely varied. The chemical sector too takes advantage of these products as do also the food industry, the automotive sector, shipbuilding, mining and mechanical engineering. Here a few examples of product groups:

· Chemical hoses
· Food hoses
· Industrial hoses
· Spiral hoses
· Construction hoses
· Mining hoses
· Machine hoses of various elastomers
· Shipbuilding hoses
· Gas hoses
· Oil and petrol hoses
· Water hoses
· Steam hoses
· Abrasion-resistant hoses
· High temperature hoses
· Hydraulic hoses
· Extraction and blower hoses
· Compressed air hosese


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Materials used:

· CR


· Silicone
· Viton 
· u.v.m.