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Numerous areas of industry use plastic hoses in modern fluid technology. C+L Industrietechnik’s product range covers the complete area of application. It includes simple PVC hoses for transporting liquids as well as highly resistant developments for the chemical sector or special hoses for medicinal areas of application. The quality range includes among others the following hose groups:

· Industrial hoses
· Laboratory hoses
· Spiral, suction and pressure hoses
· Fabric hoses
· Air-conditioning hoses
· Food hoses
· Chemical hoses
· Medicinal hoses and many more
· Insulation hoses and air hoses for low pressure areas

cl industrietechnik schlauchtechnik medizinschlauchcl industrietechnik schlauchtechnik industrieschlauchcl industrietechnik schlauchtechnik druckschlauch
Materials used:

· PE


· PA
· PU


· EVA u.v.m