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Because of their superb technical properties plastics are predestined for today’s industrial uses. We process all currently used materials into moulded plastic parts with weights of 1 to 200 g. Thanks to our many years’ experience regarding material, geometry and precision, we are the right partner for the development of new products. A particular advantage for design-specific moulded plastic parts is our own in-house production. This enables us to offer you everything from a single source from development to production.

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· Clips
· Buffers
· Nozzles
· Buttons
· Flaps
· Sockets
· Sliders
· Seals

· Meshes
· Guide components
· Handles
· Plates
· Plug connectors
· Retainers
· Cable ducts 

Options for further processing:
 · Modules
· Electroplating moulded plastic parts
· Painting moulded plastic parts
· Pad printing

Key data for in-house production:
· Parts weight of 1 to 200 g
· Locking force 350 – 1,200 kn
· Fully automated production
· 2K injection moulding with insertion technique

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Materials used:        
· PC
· POM 
· PE

  · PBT
· PA
· PP