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The up-to-date production hall at the new company location is equipped with a total of sixteen machines for the fully automated 24-hour production of design-specific moulded plastic parts. Thus C+L Industrietechnik has a notably high in-house capacity for high-quality and on schedule manufacturing of these versatile moulded parts. Also large-scale productions in millions are quickly and reliably manufactured here with precision technology and the know-how of experienced skilled staff. It is precisely here too in the production of C-parts for the automotive industry that the 24/7 production in the in-house production hall has shown its worth to a high degree. In the fully automated production 2K injection moulding with insertion technique is used. Moulded plastic parts with a parts weight of 1 to 200 g are manufactured. The locking force covers a range of 350 to 1200 kn.

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