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Design-specific parts for the markets of today and tomorrow

Globally, the industry is facing increasing challenges caused by innovation and cost pressures. For plastic and rubber moulded parts too, flexible solutions that meet the needs of the economy as well as the demand for uncompromising quality are required.

cl industrietechnik Nuernberg Haupteingang 01 C+L INDUSTRIETECHNIK GmbH devotes itself to this task with the competence of the specialist. The company is descended from the trading firm Conrad + Lombardino founded in 1901 and since 1993 has been in the market as an independent partner to the industry. Customers from all over the world are served from the company headquarters in Nuremberg and branch offices in Erfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. Today C+L INDUSTRIETECHNIK is part of SCHAUENBURG INTERNATIONAL – a globally operating group of companies composed of established businesses specialising in elastomers and thermoplastics in the industrial technology field. Design-specific plastic and rubber parts are the core products of C+L INDUSTRIETECHNIK. Hoses, stamped parts and profiles for a great variety of uses complete the portfolio. The company appeals to a comprehensive customer base where the focus is on the automotive, building and household-applicance-manufacturing industries, as well as mechanical engineering. One of the company’s specialities is very small moulded parts under 10 mm.

The high quality standard is documented by DIN EN ISO 9001 certification. In the area of drawing-specific moulded parts, C+L INDUSTRIETECHNIK is a valued development partner. Thanks to the high degree of specialist knowledge and more than 20 years’ experience with a great variety of materials, the company is the obvious choice for the development of custom-made moulded plastic and rubber parts up to series production. This engineering competence has proved its worth not least in the development of C-parts for the automotive industry, e.g. receptacles for headrest rods. Numerous development processes with a great variety of objectives have resulted in the acquisition of know-how that benefits each new order. Wherever special demands are made on material, geometry and precision, the right answer can be found in close cooperation with C+L INDUSTRIETECHNIK.

The fact that the company has frequently shown its worth as an “emergency responder” emphasises our special skills. Another plus point is the production of moulded plastic parts. There is a clear advantage for the customers in the combination of in-company engineering and subsequent manufacture. Interfaces disappear. The customer gets everything in the same place – from the development to the manufacture of the product in small or large-series production. The monitoring and control of the whole process by a single, experienced and responsible team excludes sources of error and saves valuable time. The up-to-date, fully-automated production facilities are designed for 24/7 production of drawing-specific moulded parts. Thanks to the precise planning of the tool and the optimum setting of the line of products, the machines work extremely economically. They utilise the material used almost completely and produce correspondingly little residual plastic. Tooling times are minimal. The workflow is even. All in all this reduces the production costs significantly from which the customer benefits directly. The current range of plastic moulded parts includes clips, buffers, guide components, buttons, flaps, sockets, sliders, seals, meshes, sleeves, handles, plates, plug connectors, retainers, cable guides and further products.

As materials the choice includes PBT, PE, PA, TPE, TPU, POM, ABS, PP, PC and PS. With rubber moulded parts too, the range is broad and deep in all gradations. Buffers, mufflers, seals, spacers, sound insulation, sleeves, anti-kink protection, cable guides and vibration protection are here the most important product areas. These products are used in the construction of vehicles, engines, machines and heating and air-conditioning systems among others. The qualities used include EPDM, NBR, CSM, HNBR, ECO, FPM and silicone. Injection, press and transfer moulding are the processes used. In addition to small and large-series production, prototypes and rubber-metal combinations are also made. Alongside ongoing monitoring, DIN EN ISO 9001 quality assurance also guarantees the further development of materials and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the company has special accreditations and certifications that are adapted to the target sectors. The range of services also includes a special logistics service. Concepts developed jointly with the customers such as individual C-parts management or kanban solutions demonstrate our market-driven performance level and service orientation. 

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